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Jabula New Life Ministries International (Jabula or JNLMI): Jabula, which means rejoice in Swahili, is a global network of churches that spans 29 countries on four continents.

Jabula was founded by Bishop Tudor Bismark and Pastor Chichi Bismark in 1989, and was originally established to bring together churches that had never before had a platform under which to fellowship together.

Today, the network comprises of more than 900 churches that are of like spirit, like mind and like heart, and have a collective agenda to preach the Kingdom of God in all the Earth. Jabula has an apostolic emphasis that is led by apostolic teams functioning under the five‐fold ministry (Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher). Jabula emphasises governmental reforms, establishing spiritual and physical infrastructure, and leadership and development empowerment. Bishop Tudor Bismark is the current Chairman and President with From as CEO of JNLMI.
Our Mission

To establish an organisation of covenant belivers with the intent of planting and empowering churches, providing an apostolic covering, rasing and releasing the natural leadership of the body of Christ, establishing outreach and humanitarian ministries. Transforming people, transforming the world.

Our Vision

To advance the Kingdom of God in every nation and across every continent. Our churches transform people's lives both spiritually and physically with relevant and practical teaching of the living Word of God

Our Core Values

- Integrity
- Excellence
- Prosperity
- Empowerment
- Revelation & Truth
- Kingdom
Bishop Tudor Bismark and his wife Chi Chi founded New Life Ministries International in 1989. From its inception, it was founded on the Biblical model to be a true “five–fold” ministry. Bishop Bismark believes we are to focus on allowing the natural leadership of the Body of Christ to rise. His philosophy is simple – EMPOWERMENT. He wholeheartedly believes that we are to empower ministries and leaders in each area that God has called us to work. A primary objective of the ministry is to have influence and make a substantial contribution into the lives of men, women, and children in Africa and around the world. 

Some years ago God gave them a vision of a massive tree growing from out of the ground. The fruit of this tree was incredible, covering almost all of Africa. The Lord spoke clearly that this “tree” was New Life Ministries International (NLMI). 

The vision gave them a glimpse of the influence and impact that NLMI was to make in Africa. They are seeing this vision come to pass as NLMI is now working in TWELVE African countries, the United Kingdom (Rejoice-New Life Ministries), the United States (Jabula International Network), and the Caribbean. In recent months, God has begun to open doors for this ministry to reach in India and Pakistan. At present, NLMI is serving as an Apostolic covering for some 600 plus churches, and this number is growing each month.

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