South America & Caribbean

Continental Bishop of Jabula South America & Caribbean

The story of the relationship between God and His human creation is one of reconciliation.  It is a love story.  The story of our Bishop and his First Lady is one of reconciliation as well!Bishop Keith and Lady Reva were married at the age of eighteen. 

Their first child, Qiana, was born that same year.  Three years later their son Brian was born.  After fifteen years of marriage, they divorced. 

During those years apart, God was doing something in both of their hearts even though neither one really new what God was doing. 

After eighteen years, they reconciled and were remarried in 2011. God has been faithful. Their love and remarriage has blossomed into a true love story and demonstrates God’s love for us and His desire for us to be reconciled back to Him.  They now have five grandsons and pastor Destiny Christian Center International together.